5266 A tall blue decanter with a silver mount and stopper

Also on the bottom is ” over 1, The bottles are continental. Hard to say exactly, but probably Bohemian. If you’ve noticed, the most wonderful thing about the silver holder are the masks. In each one of the corners you have masks over here, masks here, all the way around the piece. It’s highly decorated. Now, the fun part of this decanter set It says, “Special premium from the Kentucky Railroad for the best herd of cattle owned by one person. And I understand that the man that had the best herd of cattle was Edwin Bedford. He was a cattleman all of his life.

How to Identify Genuine Antique Decanters

An antique sugarloaf decanter. An antique decanter. The shape and cutting style are undoubtedly Irish. The use of excellent cutting along with moulding is a combination which few outwith Ireland could deliver to such perfection. A pair of antique decanters.

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The information below has been distilled from a variety of sources, most notably from “Miller’s antique checklist – Glass” by Mark West, and “Eighteenth Century English drinking-glasses an illustrated guide ” by L M Bickerton full publication details of which you will find in the “books” section of “glass notes” , both of which books we recommend if this is a field in which you are thinking of starting a collection.

Several of the shapes below have been reproduced in later periods. During the s and s, there was a big revival in interest in Georgian and Regency styles, and the kuttrolf or cluck-cluck was produced for many years after the second World War by Holmegaard. For this reason, shape alone should not be the sole criterion when attempting to date a decanter. The colour and clarity of the metal, skill of execution, wear-marks etc. Shape Period Funnel or conical – some examples to end s Bell – Ovoid onward Rounded onward.

Feature Period Wrythen moulding – brief revival c Copper-wheel engraving onward more sophisticated by late s Enamelling onward Facet-cutting onward.

Antique and Vintage Decanters

The cultural history of material objects can reflect events and industrial processes in unexpected and interesting ways. They were often created to cater to specific social trends or phenomena, became part of the fabric of everyday life, but then disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared, to be replaced in time by improved versions and styles. The bar lip decanter is one such object, and its history offers a fascinating glimpse of the social and economic development of America’s first hundred years, as well as the evolution of glass manufacturing in this country.

It appears that the bar lip decanter was an exclusively American form. While catalog illustrations confirm that they were manufactured elsewhere, foreign made examples appear to have been specifically made for export to the United States, as bar lip decanters do not appear to have been used elsewhere in the world.

Double flasks century probably German Glass Figurines, Antique Glass, Decanters. The fashionability of different serving vessels changed over time, and wine.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A part set of Georgian cut crystal, comprising of seven rummers, five smaller rummers and two decanters, both engraved with stoppers. Provenance: F. Strange Pty Ltd. Show 6 more like this. Mary Gregory clear glass jug and a ruby glass cruet bottle, and an etched glass decanter, 19th century, 3 items , 19 cm, 21 cm and 24 cm high Show 6 more like this.

Murano glass decanter drinks set, 3 Murano glass vases and a silver plated tray, 20th century, the decanter 34 cm high. Baccarat ‘Talleyrand’ French crystal decanter, 20th century, acid etched factory mark ‘Baccarat, France’,22 cm high Show 24 more like this. Baccarat ‘Argentina’ pattern pair of French crystal decanters, circa , acid etched factory mark ‘Baccarat, France’, 2 items , 24 cm high Show 29 more like this.

Lalique ‘Highlands’ crystal decanter, of rounded form with a pinched base, with pierced stopper, signed, height Jacob E. Bang Danish, for Holmegaard, two Kluk Kluk glass decanters and stoppers, c.

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Original stopper. Smaller than standard size. Height is.

This c antique glass notes still has its original stopper which says “Whisky”. The bottle is. An notes 19th century flagon style serving decanter. Notes is made of.

Bottle collecting has become an increasingly popular hobby among antique lovers in the United States. These bottles are more plentiful and considerably less expensive to purchase than their older counterparts, making it possible to possess an interesting bottle collection without substantial investment. From the days of the crockery jug until , cork-style rubber stoppers were used on the standard Clorox bleach amber glass bottles. In , a screw cap was introduced, and a modern adaptation of that top is still used today.

These more modern screw cap bottles can be easily identified by their threaded necks as contrasted with the smooth finish, cork-style necks of the earlier Clorox bottles. Height and content capacity is another way to determine the vintage of Clorox bottles. Through the years, the quart bottle also experienced various changes in height and width, though it was always contained 32 ounces.

In , Clorox liquid bleach was initially offered in five-gallon crockery jugs since it was originally used exclusively by industrial concerns, such as laundries, breweries, walnut bleachers and municipal water companies. This product was delivered by horse and wagon to various customers in San Francisco Bay Area for use as a bleach, stain remover, deodorant and disinfectant. Consequently, these stock bottles had no markings of any kind.

Decanters, Claret Jugs, Ewers and Pitchers

What should I do with them? They might be interested in purchasing them from you. If they are empty then it becomes more problematic. To understand the value of empty decanters, first you have to look at the history of decanters. In the 19 th century there were figural flasks made in the days before bottled whiskey.

It is interesting because the silver mounts enable us to give a precise date of manufacture – and it is earlier than many would imagine. Until recently, decanters of.

In recent times, almost all well-known glass manufacturers have made decanters, with very wide bases, although they have often given them proprietary names with no mention of ships. The problem is that such haphazard nomenclature has blurred the history of these things. They have proved very appealing to the market and antique versions have other attributes, too.

As an aside, there was much controversy over whether or not Rodney acted with competence following the victory, as he should have chased the enemy out of the Caribbean and captured it. He was, nevertheless, ennobled. Another source avers that they were called Rodneys following his defeat of the Spanish at Cape St. Vincent in Were they really used on ships? Do they have common features? How popular were they? Do they have any characteristics not found on other decanters?

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A handsome pair of Chester silver spirit decanters with silver mounts and cork stoppers. The clear glass bodies have a hobnail cut design and a star cut base with two A super quality Victorian silver plated cast decanter stand with a looped dolphin central handle holding three cut glass decanters with matching stoppers.

on Pinterest. See more ideas about Decanters, Antiques, Decanter set. An elegant antique French tantalus liquor cabinet dating from the mid to late s.

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Vintage Murano Blown Glass Decanter. Vintage Murano blown glass decanter in pale amethyst. Of an asymmetrical form with a subtle air bubble design at the base. Art Nouveau Inspired Claret Jug. Art Nouveau inspired claret jug.

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A Georgian revival clear glass decanter, mounted with mushroom stoppers, silver colours of London ; another decanter; Other glassware 5. A 19th Century Nailsea type tapered vase, blue inclusions, broken pontil, height 20cm, a set of recent cut glass hock glasses and a clear glass de An early 20th century oak and silver plate Tantalus with a pair of glass carved decanters. A 19th century brass-mounted ebonised wood 3 bottle decanter stand with brass carrying handle, containing 3 original cut-glass decanters with mod

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Read more. With Christmas just around the corner there’s no better way to store your wine away from the kids : Holds 15 wine bottles with a new green baise interior base A lovely quality 19th Century coromandel decanter box with a recessed brass carrying handle on the top, a brass escutcheon on the front and a key for the lock, the box contains two glass decanters Circa , late George III mahogany decanter box.

It has a swan neck lifting handle, various pomels and back plates, and original hinges. Inside are 6 divisions with the 6 original bottles some have chips Each with central naturalistic finial and three leafy scroll Height:

Antique French Decanter Cabinet or Tantalus