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While making out with Lacey on her bed, Danny pulls away, needing to go. At the diner, Jo is busy thinking about Danny, to the detriment of her school work. The following morning, Danny talks to Karen over breakfast and starts in on a line of questioning about Regina and Vik. Karen then opens the door to leave, only to find her yard littered with red jump ropes. Green Grove becomes abuzz with talk of the prank, with pictures being passed around and the likes. Meanwhile, Danny and Lacey are having their secret date at the park, complete with sparkling apple cider and sexy date music. Until, that is, they hear someone in the distance, who turns out to be dressed in a Danny Desai mask and wearing a red jump rope around their neck. Before they know it, several others in the same costume emerge from the shadows and Danny scares them away by destroying the cider bottle behind them. At the meeting between Karen and Kyle, the two have some pleasant small talk about her first days working for inappropriate Ray Bickner and Danny quitting the soccer team over not being able to fit in.

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Lacey tried to stick with Jo after Danny’s arrest but Jo became sad and depressing years after the incident, and Lacey just wanted to forget and have fun – so she abandoned her best friend to become “popular and fun”. Five years later when Danny returns to Green Grove, Lacey is shown to still be traumatized and angry with him. Her superficial friends all hated Danny and bullied him when he came to their school, except Lacey’s new best friend Regina Crane , who was murdered the night of Danny’s return at her own party by an unknown person, resulting in more stress and trauma for Lacey who wants to believe Danny is innocent yet wants to know the truth of her friend’s death.

She is the ex-girlfriend of Archie Yates and Danny Desai. However, Judy is apparently using Danny’s return as a way to “shove her way” back into Lacey’s life. Lacey Porter is portrayed by Kylie Bunbury.

Page 3 Read Chapter More Than Just a Kiss from the story Twisted Love (​Avan Jogia fanfic) by Jo, Lacey, and I both went over there to see what he would say. Jo texted me saying she was with Rico at the diner. My first real true love is my best friend, Danny Desai. + Danexis’ ship has sailed and they are dating!

ABC Family has sadly canceled Twisted. EARLIER: This love triangle has divided Twisted fans since the moment Lacey and Jo decided to fall in love with their maybe-murderer best friend Danny, and the show has given both ships more than enough sweet scenes to ignite their supporters’ passion. But now, with Twisted Season 2 hanging in the balance , we’re all left in the lurch. Where do we go from here? In the beginning, it was Team Dacey that won out — Danny and Lacey fell hard for one another pretty much immediately, despite the messy complications that resulted when Lacey began dating the only real suspect in her best friend’s murder case.

But while the couple was hot and heavy in Season 1A, the second half of the first season had a totally different perspective on who Danny should be with. Jo, who secretly pined for Danny for what seemed like forever , started dating Danny’s juvie buddy, Charlie — which was around the same time that Danny decided he really wanted to be with Jo. Poor Lacey — she was still getting over Danny when he declared his love for her oldest friend in the world.

What will happen to Danny and Lacey’s friendship if Twisted actually gets renewed? Unfortunately, we may never find out. Twisted ‘s fate is still up in the air, but assuming that ABC Family listens to our cries for more Twisted , Lacey and Danny’s relationship is still something we need worked out. After all, Twisted began as a story of friendship, and there’s no way that Lacey can ever really cut off Danny or Jo.

That’s what Twisted is truly about: how Danny, Lacey and Jo found one another again after the horrible event that changed their lives forever. If Danny and Jo do end up dating when Twisted returns let’s say “when” and not “if,” for good luck Danny and Lacey will have to seriously re-evaluate their friendship.

Twisted- The Tale Of Two Confessions (1×19)

Danny confronts Charlie about telling Jo about Danny talking about wanting to kill his dad when they were in juvie. Danny insists, angrily, that Charlie not talk to Jo about him ever again. I think I was even intimidated by Danny in this scene! Next, Jack wakes up next to Karen; he spent the night! Karen and Danny talk privately, and Danny reveals that he told Lacey everything about what happened with Vikram. He also tells Karen that Jo and Lacey are both mad at him.

Karen gives Danny some powerful advice on turning his life around. Meanwhile, Whitney’s wild side starts to rub off on Lacey, leaving Lacey uncertain about their complicated new friendship. Rico asks her out on a date and she says yes. Danny Danny wants to know the real reason why Charlie is here.

They need a challenge! Because when she saw the video, she looked super hurt. Which is definitely not the reaction I expected. I expected her to be shocked, and then grossed out. But then I thought about how super possessive she was of her at the sleepover, and I was like, Hmmmm. She was also pretty snippy about Janna entering their circle. I also kinda ship Lacey and Rico. Watching Fight Club.

Are Lacey And Rico From Twisted Dating In Real Life

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Meanwhile, the mayor berates Kyle; Jo and Lacey have questions about the necklace; and as Jo bonds with Danny, she neglects her friendship with Rico.

Click ‘Enable Ratings Filter’ box above to see movies or miniseries listed from highest to lowest rated. Plus, Danny wants to smooth over tensions with his mother, Karen, whose socialite status plummeted after her son’s imprisonment and the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Danny’s father. Danny is surprised to learn that Jo and Lacey have grown apart; now at opposite ends of the social spectrum, the former inseparable friends barely speak.

Lacey is popular, dating the captain of the soccer team, Archie. Jo struggles to put the trauma of the past behind her and to ease the concerns of her closest friend, Rico, and her protective parents, Tess and Kyle, who also happens to be the town sheriff. Wary but wanting to give Danny a second chance, Jo demands answers about the motive behind his childhood crime, which Danny stubbornly won’t — or can’t — divulge.

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The slow sound of dripping water caused Danny to pull a pillow over his head. Usually, the sound of peppering rain eased him into a state of sleep. However, tonight it only beat against his eardrum causing him to have a headache. How could a simple drop of water be so loud inside his safe secure bedroom when the thunderstorm had raged outside?

Denise Richards stars in new TV2 drama Twisted, about a 16 year old who returns to his Lacey is popular, dating the captain of the soccer team, Archie.

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Kylie plays Lacey, the beautiful and stoic high school queen bee. She also happens to be a former best friend of Danny Desai, a teen who has come back to his small town after serving time in juvie for murdering his aunt. The latter was a fan reaction Kylie has certainly been mindful of. Look at his hair!

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Post a Comment. Well, I’m only about three days late reviewing the season finale of all things. Oh, well. Things happen. It isn’t surprising that the show threw a bunch of craziness at us for the finale and ended on a cliffhanger. Here’s to hoping season two gets picked up and this wasn’t our last episode. At this point, I expect Charlie to get crazier and crazier each episode. As soon as we saw Jo walking down the street alone, I expected Charlie to do something crazy.

I actually believe although it’s been four days since I watched the episode and may be wrong that she’s walking alone once and confronts him and then leaves. It’s the second time she’s walking alone that he kidnaps her. I remember seeing her walking along the first time and fully expecting something more than just him yelling at her.

So when it happened again and this time he kidnapped her, I wasn’t surprised. However, I do think Jo wasn’t the brightest to be walking alone at night when she knows some dude, who has been to juvie before for something she’s not entirely sure about, has some crazy obsession with her. If I were Jo, I wouldn’t have been going anywhere by myself.

Kylie Bunbury on ‘Twisted’ Relationships, Lacey’s Choices, & More

They see him looking at them through the window, Jo suggest that it could be family problems, Lacey jokes that he could be going through puberty, Danny finally comes out of the house with a red jump rope. Jo and Lacey ask if he’s okay and why he was inside for so long, he tells them he didn’t have a choice and to not hate him. The girls look at each other with worried faces before Lacey runs into the house to see what Danny meant.

Kylie Bunbury on ‘Twisted’ Relationships, Lacey’s Choices, & More is exceedingly apprehensive in letting Danny back into her life given the circumstances. “Rico and Lacey meet and they have some interesting scenes together. starting to get things out and we’re starting to be real and honest with​.

Lacey dreams about Regina and the necklace. The dream Regina asks Lacey if she has a thing for Danny and then accuses Danny of being her killer. Lacey wakes up. Phoebe, Sarita, Archie and Scott are also not going to the festival. At a town meeting, people argue about Danny coming to the festival. A man named Tim is particularly against it. At the diner Jo and Danny talk about how much fun they had at the festival as kids and Jo says he should go and offers to go with him.

Lacey comes over and is shocked to learn that Danny is planning on going to the festival. Danny goes to the festival, a lot of people seem unhappy to see him there but he ignores it.